Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and evening meals


The House on the Props is open to non residents for superb English Breakfasts, light lunches and afternoon teas. In the evening it transforms in to a cosy, traditional restaurant.

The dining area is full of historic interest and nautical and smuggling memorabilia and the menus consist of a wide range of locally sourced produce and some exciting fish dishes all dependant on that days local catch… food really doesn’t get much fresher.

The beams and masts in the ‘Props’ restaurant came from the Maverine which foundered in circa 1700 and the building is often referred to as ‘the house on stilts’ because of its unique design.


View a sample range from our menus below

Props Full English Breakfast

1 slice bacon, West Country sausage, Cornish free range fried Egg, tinned tomato & baked beans, 1 slice toast with Cornish butter.

Props Smugglers Full English BIG Breakfast

2 slices bacon, 2 West Country sausages, 2 Cornish free range fried eggs, tinned tomato, hash brown, Cornish mushrooms, black pudding, or hogs pudding, baked beans and 2 slices of toast & Cornish butter.

Props Vegetarian Breakfast

Tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, hash brown, Cornish free range fried egg and baked beans, 1 white toast and Cornish butter.

Props Breakfast Butties

Bacon Buttie
Bacon and fried Egg Buttie

Freshly baked baguettes

Hot bacon baguette
Hot bacon & 2 Cornish free range eggs baguette
Hot West Country sausage baguette
Hot 2 fried or scrambled free range Cornish eggs baguette


Props Muesli – Oats, Wheat & Bran Flakes, Dried Fruit & Nuts with Natural Cornish Bio Yogurt, & Fresh Fruit in season
Cornflakes & Milk

Duchess of Cornwall's breakfast

Cornish smoked kippers with a free range poached egg,
home made bread and Cornish butter.

Duke of Cornwall's breakfast

Cornish oak smoked salmon with Cornish scrambled eggs on toasted home made bread.

Freshly baked filled croissants, sweet & savoury

Croissant with raspberry or strawberry preserve.
Croissant with bacon, scrambled Cornish free range eggs & cheese.

Home made soup of the day

Served with our home baked fresh crusty multi seeded walnut bread and Cornish butter.

Crab Bisque

Our own crab soup laced with cream & brandy served with home baked bread & butter.

Cornish Smoked Fish Platter

A cold platter of smoked Cornish mackerel, salmon, trout, mussels and prawns, salad garnish, served with our home baked fresh crusty multi seeded walnut bread and Cornish butter.

1lb - Giant Steak Cornish Pasty

Beef steak with potatoes, swede and onion served with fresh crispy salad garnish and home made coleslaw.

Freshly made open hot sandwiches

On granary bloomer bread OR gluten free, served with salad garnish and home made coleslaw OR name a sandwich filling on request:
West Country cheddar cheese.
West Country cheddar cheese & tomato.
West Country cheddar cheese & onion.
West Country cheddar cheese and home cooked Cornish roast ham.

Fresh Sandwiches

Fresh Cornish crab sandwich served on brown granary bloomer bread.
Prawn sandwich served on brown granary bloomer bread.

Posh Fish Finger Sandwich

Real cod fish fingers in a toasted bread sandwich with mayonnaise or tartar Sauce, lettuce, sliced tomato and cucumber.


Corn flour tortilla chips served hot with layers of melted West Country cheddar cheese, Tomato salsa and hot jalapeno chillies.

Cold Salads

Cold plated crispy salad leaves, served with tomato, cucumber, and sliced hard boiled Egg & home made coleslaw, Our own fresh baked multi seeded walnut bread or new potatoes. CHOOSE FROM:

Home baked Cornish gammon ham.
Fishermans Platter: White Cornish crab meat, smoked chunk of salmon, smoked sliced salmon, and smoked crevettes.
Cornish white crab.
Cornish smoked salmon.

Cornish cheese ploughman’s lunch

Cornish yarg, Cornish blue Cornish old smoky OR West Country mature cheddar, spring onions, pickle, apple and home made coleslaw, served with our fresh baked multi seeded walnut bread and Cornish butter.

Hot chicken salad

Chicken strips pan fried with baby tomatoes, seasoned with Mexican spices, caesar dressing served on a bed of lettuce, crispy croutons & our own fresh multi seeded and walnut crusty bread.

Lemon Sole

Filleted lemon sole baked in the oven with a little white wine, served on Cornish mashed potatoes, fresh leeks or whole green beans and our famous creamy white wine sauce.

Mussel Chowder

A steaming bowl of shell on mussels cooked in our home made leek, bacon and potato sauce, served with home baked fresh crusty multi seeded walnut bread OR Moules marinere

Trio of Cornish Fish

Fillet of Cornish sole, monkfish and haddock cooked in white wine and Cornish clotted cream sauce, served on a bed of spring onion Cornish mash with leeks

Filleted sea bass with crayfish tails

2 Fillets of Cornish sea bass cooked in white wine with a Cornish clotted cream sauce, topped with crayfish tails, served with spring onion Cornish mash, leeks or green beans.

Monkfish tails

Firm yet filleted white fish, baked in browned Cornish butter, fresh ginger, soya sauce and a hint of fresh chillies, All served on a bed of Cornish mashed potatoes and whole green beans.

Fresh whole Cornish sardines

Served on a bed of mixed leaves with home made walnut bread or Cornish new potatoes.

Fresh Cornish filleted makerel

Served on a bed of baked Sweet potato infused with fresh thyme and herbs, served with fresh mint riata

Home made fish stew

A well seasoned fish stew with whole green beans, chopped onions, celery, yellow peppers slowly braised in white wine seasoned with safron, fresh parsley, coriander and spices, topped with parmesan.

*Prime Rib eye Steak

10oz rib eye Cornish beef steak served with onion rings, mushrooms and tomatoes, fresh salad garnish and chips.

Extras £2.90
*Peppercorn sauce – Rich flambéed brandy, clotted cream and peppercorns
* Melted Cornish blue cheese – Simply Cornish

Trio of Cornish Sausages

3 herby Cornish pork sausages served on a creamy Cornish mash, fresh leeks and a rich onion gravy.

We always have locally caught fish, depending on the catch, season and availability the menu can change.